Sunday, February 19, 2006

we have met the enemy

It's us. The incessant internicine warfare between the political left and right is tearing this country apart. From the rantings of that archetype of sore losers, Al Gore, to the idiocies of Pat Robertson there is no surcease from the one note boobs. it makes no difference if a governmental action is wise or foolish the haters of the left and right will criticise. Osama ben lodin is a piker when it comess to unwavering intolerance of others right to exist . Lessons are freely given in congressional hearings daily. The senatorial inquisitors of left and right endeavor to tear apart any poor soul who gets into their self righteous clutches. They ignore their own responsibility for results that come from their own actions in their zeal for media coverage and a desire to cover their nether parts. Cry, the beloved country.


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