Friday, March 29, 2013

Apologies To A Modest Proposal

  1. Seventy two per cent of African American children, fifty one percent of Latino children and thirty six per cent of Caucasian children are born to unwed mothers. Children raised without a father figure in their lives are,  according to most sociologists and  psychologist at a disadvantage through their lives. This is not to denigrate the positive role many single mothers manage , in spite of all difficulties, to provide for their children. However , the decline of the families and increase in unfettered children in all communities does not work to the advantage of society. Therefore I propose a solution..Instead of the media glorifying the unwed motherhood of numerous celebrities they extol the virtues of lesbian and homosexual relationships even more blatantly than they already do. The more of these relationships , even ephemeral trysts (one night stands), the fewer sexual adventures will result in pregnancies. In fact , it may be in the interest of government to promote the homosexual life style, to reduce the number of illegitimate children and the welfare rolls . I do not recommend eating them, Irish children were much more tasty.


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