Saturday, March 23, 2013

Another Bit of Presceince

During July of 2011 I published a note enitled, The Arab Spring Sprung, decrying the blind optimism of the mass media, the state department, and admirers of the administration concerning the changes in North African governments. That was a simple predictive article. I am now going to go out on a more difficult prognostictive limb.  I do not believe  that Obamacare will fail because it will be repealed I believe it will be repealed because it will fail.. The bill is to elephantine to be adminstered. No one will be able to follow its myriad rules and regulations . The bureaucracy needed to write the rules let alone understand the interactions and forsee the the implication of thousand upon thousand of administratve regulations does not exist.  I doubt if there are enough literate and enthusiatic workers to implement the successful operation of this hodge podge legislation. I think as it moves to full implementation it will fall of its own weight into an unworkable morass.


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