Thursday, March 11, 2010

show me the money

How any of our benighted brethren in the congress can vote in favor of the health care bill when the constitutionality of the payment method is in serious doubt is bewildering. The requirement that citizens buy health care insurance when they don't want to buy it is a serious intrusion on individual rights. If this requirement is deemed legal could you see the day when there is a requirement , for the greater good ,of course, that we buy GM automoblies ?
The argument is made that you must buy car insurance to drive therefore this law is fine, however, that ignores the fact that if I refuse to drive I am not obligated to buy insurance. Driving is a
priviledge I may forgo.
The real problem occurs if this legislation is passed into law and the courts decide that the forced purchase of health insurance is unconstitutional. Where does the money come from to fund the law?Perhaps it would be a good idea to consider this eventuality before creating chaos.


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