Monday, September 08, 2008

brazil's alternative fuel

For many years environmentalists have been using Brazil as an example of the efficacy of ethanol as an alternative fuel. Ethanol accounted for twenty per cent of Brazil's transportation need . Brazil still remained the fifteenth largest oil importing nation. In an effort to remedy this, Brazil's national oil company went on an exploratory drilling program. In five years it tripled Brazilian oil production. This development ,however was over shadowed in the past year with the offshore discovery of the Tupi field , expected to yield thirty to seventy billion barrels of oil. The Brazilian government , in a brilliant move , has declared that it does not want to become a crude oil exporter but will build refineries for their oil, and export gasoline , diesel, and other refined products with higher value. Is it possible that this example might inspire our benighted politicians to do something to increase domestic production ,make it possible to build some refineries, and stop transferring sixty billion dollars a month to foreign oil producers?


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